The stop of Defender in 2015! Understand the real reasons....

Contrary to the fact that would want to persuade us a spokesman of the mark Land Rover (at present Group TATA) and relieved triumphantly by the press, the stop of Defender is not due to simple European legislative reasons, but in a will of the investors which already dates since trés for a long time. The evoked legislative reasons remain simply the official excuse which permettera maybe the stop of the manufacturing without damaging too much just like the mark.

Remember yourselves, before the release of the TD5, Land Rover announced the stop of Defender, then a few years later, a new announcement of stop of the same genre resounded in world but finally Defender TD4 appeared in 2007...

But why to continue to make a vehicle to the complicated specifications, of which the owners do not get rid easily, while we can can make cars to the specifications so simple, to the limited life expectancy, and while we can sell a fortune?

Indeed, it ' to fill up as a pork ', is the current economic reference mold. Everything the car manufacturers also made this choice and propose no more quality cars to the exercise book of diverse responsibilities. How to make billions with what certain commercial appoint as vehicles technologically overtaken ?

Thus let us see what is really completely exceeded on this Defender today:

- a specifications trés technical which still imposes 40 % of the construction of Defender manuellement.
Indeed, the profitability of a current car manufacturer owes oblige to build in 97 % robotiquement. How to automate so the construction of Defender the specifications of which impose the dismantling of technical elements manually and in the middle of anybody leaves?

- the sale of a vehicle which asks for the real guarantee and for a real commitment of the mark which the fabrique.
professional characteristics which are going to be put advanced by their owner. This owner who is easily going to verify the technical skills of what he bought and it in the long term. He will not content itself with an attractive enumeration of characteristics on a paper far from the réalitée or from the simple purchase price.

- the use of expensive materials for his realization
materials used historically cannot be substituted by recent materials without risking to weaken the vehicle and the perfectly mature concept, and without having to rethink even to modify in the reduction certain characteristics so appreciated professionally. So, where the other vehicles are mainly realized plastic, diverse fibers, froths(mosses), (synthetic and polluting matérieux), Defender is mainly still built with even recyclable and 'noble' materials easily such as:
* aluminum Body
* Frames / bridges(decks) / steel or cast iron
* always wooden Dashboard covered with black imitation leather (until 2007)
* plastics(plastic arts) appear only to the not vital places for the vehicle.

- a total commercial paradox which makes of this vehicle a dinosaure. real
A vehicle which tries to meet the requirements customers, while the current commercial culture imposes on the fact that the customer adapts himself to the proposals of the builders(manufacturers). The obvious reason of this exception lives(lies) in the military and professional contracts, from which the actors still remain requiring(demanding) and are not still totally submitted by the investors thirsty for money(silver).

- a vehicle dedicated to a long career(quarry)
A vehicle dedicated to a so long career(quarry) and sold so few copies (for lack of automation among others), demands inevitably a management of spare parts complicated to manage, and often made by specialists.

- the realization by which the costs increase every year, without the profits augmentent.
In the modern automotive sector, the technical exploit do not concern any more directly the vehicle as want to persuade us all the current automobile(automotive) construteurs, but concern the chain(channel) of construction. The realization of vehicles costs less and less expensively, thanks to techniques of realization studied upstream and often common to several vehicles. (However the sale price of rooms(parts,plays) and of conveys increases very year by year according to the only law of the offer / demand and not the quality). So, for example:
  * a car built on a modular base(basis) possesses a more complicated assembly than a car mono-bloc / mono-coque. The advantage of the modular, it is because we can adapt the vehicle in various declensions without rethinking him(it) totally. (SW, Pickup, long, short Version, Truck truck etc.). But the advantage of the mono-block it is the lower(weaker) manufacturing cost.
  * One 4x4 with a box of transfer, box of reduction, costs forcing more expensive than a SUV possessing only an electronic board anti-skating to realize its motricity. ( Unfortunately the latter is not to be often used, because his(her,its) efficiency remains punctual and non-usable durably in difficult environment(middle))
  * A car without frame and without bridges(decks) stays forcing less chére to make... (Unfortunately, the autoexpanding(autocarrier) boxes(cash registers) are not adapted for the hardu, and not possessed cross-country racing(vehicle) no power of payload trés important otherwise semi-trailer would also be already provided with it)
  * A metallic and galvanized bumper is more expensive to make than a plastic bumper paints. ( To the first addict, the one complies but little to come loose, the other one immobilizes the vehicle as long as we not stopped breaking him(it) to throw(cast) him(it) in the safe(chest))
  * The characteristics of Defender are thus totally incompatible with the modern methods of manufacturing, and the cost of realization is more and more dear(expensive), while the customers are not ready to buy more expensively what they bought before cheaper! Only the adaptation of the price(prize) with regard to(compared with) the life seems to be tolerée by the buyers. It is thus difficult for Land Rover to increase still the price(prize) of Defender to compete with the profits of the vehicles of other one ranges or in his competitors.

In summary, you understood it, Defender is not technically overtaken, but not overtaken simply in terms of economic profits!

The Euro standards 6 are not either the real cause of the stop of Defender.

For 60 years Land Rover always knew adapted its vehicle to all the standards of the countries of the whole world. Today just like yesterday, the motorization of Defender maybe adapted according to the lobbies of the moment.Remember yourselves, a few years ago it is the motorizations gasolines(essences) which equipped the series of Land Rover, then for economic reasons the diésel with fact are appearance on the same vehicles. Today only the diesel engine is proposed while the Euro exhaust emission standard 6 (in 2015), seems to favor engines gasoline(essence) regarding reduction of pollution in the future (to hear(understand) the politicians relieved by the current media).
* Do you really believe that he is impossible or expensive trés of ré - to equip Defender of an engine gasoline(essence) as have already known him(it) his ancestors?
* and for what reasons could not Defender be endowed with a hybrid engine?
* The use of a sensor indicates to the driving case of management the use in mode TT of convey permetterait to change the mapping engine between road and TT. So, it would be easier to lower the CO2 emitted (uttered) by Defender in mode route, the Euro standards basing itself on the use of convey ON ROAD ONLY for the calculation of the pollution.

In summary, you understood him(it), the Euro standard 6 is only a simple excuse of the volonté
to stop the production of Defender without damaging too much the mark by the investors (Group TATA Motors).

The lies of TATA motors relayed by the press
fanfare announcing that the Defender does not pass the E 2015 standards, A PARADOX!

TATA wants to stop in 2015, while the Jeep re-invented in 2006!
TATA says it can not pass the European standards in 2015, while Jeep Wrangler announced that will always be available in 2015!
2 all built on the same concept, the Defender and Wrangler are cousin for years ...

Land Rover Defender

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

If Tata Motors stands its ground in 2015, the real 4x4 market is definitely won by JEEP!