Repairing of my diesel engine 2,25L

Deposit engine::

It is the chévre which in to dribble! An engine of land it is heavy. But it is increasingly easier to remove the engine, than to give it.

Preparation with disassembling:

To start, it is necessary to empty the oil and water circuits. Then to dismount the alternator, the pump injection, the various casings, hose connections etc...
To clean and degrease each element, to repaint the casings and other accessories.

Opening of the engine:

Very of accesses, observation of several segments broken on the 4 pistons. Not astonishing that it missed compression! Moreover 2 of the pistons are maliciously striped on a side.
Then cleaning of each part and checking of their state. The order of new parts will be long and the content supplier.

Preparation of the driving block::

After the reboring of the barrels at the higher coast, it is required to repaint the driving block in order to supervise possible oil leakage and so that it presents better.
To take time well to protect the openings before pulverizing painting in places which later would pose problems of sealing.

Reassembly of the vilbrequin:

Reassembly of the new bearings and installation of the vilbrequin. Will come then the assembly from the new pistons, tree with canes, distribution etc...

Preparation of the cylinder head:

Following cleaning, the checking of the cylinder head and its testing period, a small coat of paint will make him good. This time the operation will be carried out with the brush and not with the bomb of painting.
Once this one lends, it will come to find its driving block and the adjustment of the distribution will be able to start.

The engine is finished:

And here is, the remade injection pump is positioned back and the distribution is regulated. All tightenings are checked and the significant accessories nevertheless as the alternator finally went up.
It any more but does not remain to replace the engine in its land which awaits it with impatient. To give from water, oil, fuel oil and to test...

This diploma was offered to Turbo Service
(2 av centrale, 63670 Le Cendre - Tel.: 04 73 84 18 71)
to have remakes my Series 3 motor with passion.

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