Land Rover Forward Control marketed in 1962

A new schedule of conditions for Rover Land.

The Rover Land was famous like excellent vehicles light of cross-country, with a general-purpose use trés. Cepandant, it was necessary to answer at the request of certain customer, which wished vehicles able to embark a more important payload.In Solilull, the result of a premiere research will lead to the Land 129 inches, a large truck built in 5 specimens, too expensive to produce, whose only cabin pointed out a Land Rover classic. To reduce the manufacturing cost, it failed to use the frame and largest party of the components of the existing Land. In 1960, the sollution was found: to move the cabin of a Rover Land of series at the end before frame. Thus, the Land Rover Forward Control had been born, increasing by conséquance the plate of loading.

Forward Control. (1962-1972)

Marketed in 1962, the Land rover series IIA 109 Forward Control used 75% of the elements of the Land Série IIA 109 inches. Cepandant, for the realization of truck, one added over the frame of origin of the 109 a second frame especially designed to support the large back box and the cabin advanced. The wheels of 900 X 16 and the modifications of the suspension increased the ground clearance of 25 cm. Its payload reached the 30 cwt is 1524 kg of use normal and 250 kg of use any ground. Nevertheless, even equipped with the engine 2,25 liters gasoline, this truck suffered from a lack of power with its 3,5 tons in full load.

In 1966 appeared Forward Control Series IIB of 110 inches. The frame thus ralongé, allowed the installation of the engine Land Rover 6 cyl of 2,6 liters bulkier gasoline. In addition some modification were made such as the displacement of the lower headlights, an added bar stabilizer, different reports/ratios and a more powerful hand brake. Sold exclusively with the 6 Cyl, it was however available with the 2,25 liters gasoline or diesel.

In 1967 the Spanish factory Metalurgica de Santa Ana will leave a similar version Forward Control 109 SIIA
called: Santana 1300 (1300 per 1,3 Tons)

101 Forward Control (1972-1978)

This version of Forward Control was built only for military uses. No modéle was sold in a civil version. Concu at the origin for tractor drawn guns for the British army, it is equipped with the engine 8 cylinders gasoline of 3,5 liters Land Rover of GMC/Buick origin of which the licence at summer bought by the English General Motor firm. Developing 135 CV to 4750 rpm and 205 lb ft (278 N.m) to 3000 rpm, one will find it installed later on the 4x4 Range Rover of the same mark.

His frame will be taken again by the Spanish factory Metalurgica de Santa Ana which will be driven it by its own six-cylinder motor and which will distribura it in 1978 under the name of Santana 2000 (2000 per 2 Tons) to replace Santana 1300

General characteristics of the Land Forward Control.

A number of models left approximately: 4300 SIIA, 2300 SIIB and 2700 FC 101, is a aproximatif total of 10000 vehicles.

Frame of 109, 110 and 101 inches, Driving gasoline and diesel 4 cyl of 2.25L, 6 Cyl gasoline 2,6 L and 8 Cyl gasoline of 3,5L of GM/Buick origin of which the licence at summer bought by Rover Land in Général Motors.

Land Rover Forward Control

Appearance in 1962.

The Land rover series IIA 109 Forward Control used 75% of the elements of the Land Série IIA 109 inches.

Photo: Land Rover Forward Control SIIB
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